Welcome to ShellandtheCity.com! Hi, I’m Ryan… the goofy looking guy in the picture to the left.

I’ve lived in NC for most of my life, but recently accepted a job in New York City and have made the jump to big city living.

As you might imagine, moving from a city of around 260,000 people to a city such as New York City that has millions of people will be a bit of a change. This site will allow me to share my experience of moving to the city with you and the many random adventures that are sure to come my way.

There’s no format. There’s no plan. There’s no specific subject matter. Consider this to be a blank canvass that will be painted by whatever the city throws my way.

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Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the site!

Note: I’m writing very casually on this site and not taking a great deal of time to make edits. Forgive any errors – time is limited.